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Starting with the release of Doc-To-Help 2013 (5/29/3013), Doc-To-Help will only be offered in one version. Please read this article for details.

Since 2005, Doc-To-Help has come in two flavors: Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word. The Enterprise version delivered all the features Doc-To-Help had to offer while Doc-To-Help for Word focused on the features most useful for Microsoft Word authors. Due to the popularity of Doc-To-Help Enterprise, ComponentOne has decided to offer only that version, which will now simply be called “Doc-To-Help.”

Below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions. If you have more, feel free to ask in comments.

Q: Did Doc-To-Help for Word have anything that the new Doc-To-Help lacks?
A: No. The new Doc-To-Help has all the features that were included in Doc-To-Help for Word.

Q: What does Doc-To-Help have that Doc-To-Help for Word didn’t?
A: Doc-To-Help (formerly Doc-To-Help Enterprise) adds these features:

  • Built-in content editor
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Team Foundation Server integration
  • Built-in source control features
  • SharePoint wiki output
  • RoboHelp HTML project converter
  • HTML Help converter
  • Word to HTML converter (for source content)
  • Support for external HTML editors (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver)

Q: I have Doc-To-Help for Word, how do I get an upgrade?
A: All users are now considered Doc-To-Help owners (your Doc-To-Help for Word license automatically becomes a Doc-To-Help license). See the guide below to determine how to get your upgrade.

If you have…

  • Doc-To-Help for Word 2012 v2 or 2013 v3, you get the upgrade for fee. Just download and install it.
  • Doc-To-Help for Word 2012 v1 or earlier, you need to either renew or upgrade your license. There is a limited time promo price, so contact your sales representative to discuss details.

Q: I have Doc-To-Help Enterprise. How am I affected?
A: This has no impact on you. The new Doc-To-Help is the same as Doc-To-Help Enterprise.

Q: Are you dropping support for Microsoft Word?
A: No. Support for Microsoft Word is a core strength of Doc-To-Help and we will continue to provide top-notch support for it and its users.

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