Collaborating with Comments in Our New HTML5 Editor

Doc-To-Help 2013 features a new HTML5 Content Editor that includes a built-in way for you and your team to add comments as you work. Reviewers can also add comments about the content.

Blog_UI with Comment

For a quick demo of Commenting and the HTML5 editor — check out this short video on YouTube: Doc-To-Help: What’s New in 2013.

Quick facts:

  • This feature is exclusive to the HTML5 Content Editor.
  • The comments are for internal use only and will not appear in any of your Targets (so you can add internal notes such as “double-check these metrics” or “this will be obsolete in version 10″ without worry).
  • All comments will be tagged with the reviewer’s name and a time stamp, and others can reply to any comment (the conversation will be threaded).
  • Comments can be deleted.
  • You can add comments in both the Design and Design with D2HML markers mode of the HTML5 Content Editor.
  • If you’d like other members of your team to add comments to your documents, you could collaborate using Doc-To-Help’s Team Authoring, or store your project on a network. Anyone with a Doc-To-Help License can collaborate in either scenario.

The Comments buttons on the Editor ribbon are used to add, delete, and navigate through comments, as well as toggle comments on and off.

Blog_Comments toolbar

To reply to any comment, click the “reply” icon on the upper right of the comment. The comments will be threaded.


If you are interested in a different kind of commenting — as in gathering comments and feedback about your Help from your customers, Doc-To-Help can handle that too. See Incorporating the “Wisdom of the Crowd” with Doc-To-Help and DISQUS.

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