What’s New in Doc-To-Help 2013 V2

(Don’t just read the blog post, download Doc-To-Help, and see for yourself.)

The Doc-To-Help team is pleased to announce the release of 2013 V2!

When we announced our 2013 roadmap as part of the general 2013 ComponentOne Roadmap, we outlined that the plan for 2013 was, “to focus on two major areas: enhancing the editing experience and making sure you are provided the best web-based reading experience possible.”

When we released 2013 V1 in May, the focus was on editing more than web outputs. We introduced the first HTML5 editor in the industry and added a number of other enhancements to Doc-To-Help’s content editor, including the ability to add comments giving you a number of options in Source mode.

The 2013 V2 release focuses more on the output side of things, with the splash feature of the release being the new Responsive Theme for NetHelp. Responsive design reads the display size of the device it is being viewed on and changes its appearance/style sheet accordingly, adjusting the interface that the user sees. Different users on different devices — a user with a laptop would see a different NetHelp interface than a tablet user and a tablet user would see a different view than a smartphone user — will have the content optimized for them automatically.

The benefit of Responsive NetHelp is that you can deploy your content once and your users will automatically see the best interface for their device, no matter what they’re using to experience the content. You won’t need to deploy multiple outputs for multiple devices and your users won’t need to be re-directed or need to hunt down those multiple deployments if they get to the documentation and realize it’s not optimized for their device. In effect, you can get all the birds with one stone (or deployment).

Read why Responsive Design is important.

On the content editing side, we’re rolling out Content Widgets in this release. Content Widgets are blocks of pre-made, editable, interactive content that you can insert in your source files in the HTML5 content editor.

Check out the Widget Explorer sample.

So, they’re really an enhancement for the editing (input) environment and deliverable (output) environment. All in all, it’s a major step forward for the product and a number of great features for Doc-To-Help users (new and existing) to test drive.

Take a look at 2013 V2 by downloading it today and letting us know what you think!

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