Get Social: Adding Twitter and Facebook Buttons to NetHelp

(Note: This functionality is available starting with 2014 V1, which you can download here.)

With more and more users of Facebook and Twitter mixing their work lives and private lives on social networks, giving these users the ability to share your online content with their network increases the amplification and visibility of your NetHelp outputs.

The Responsive theme¬†already includes Twitter and Facebook buttons on the NetHelp toolbar by default. If you’re looking to go the Responsive route, choose that theme from the Theme dropdown, build and deploy your NetHelp and you’re done.

If you use the Tabs or Accordion themes (or a custom theme based on one of those themes), adding the Facebook and Twitter buttons to your NetHelp toolbar is as easy as clicking a button. These social media buttons have been added to Tabs and Accordion themes by default and all themes based on those default themes will automatically. All you need to do is click the Theme button on the Home tab and click Yes when Doc-To-Help asks you if you want to upgrade your theme to the latest version:

Click Yes to upgrade your Theme

Click Yes to upgrade your Theme

The next time you build, both buttons will be available in your NetHelp toolbar:


Users can click the button and share a direct link to the active topic with their networks. This will also work with your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, if you have a daily topic or section in the documentation that you would like to share with them.

Upgrade to 2014 V1, upgrade your Theme, and start sharing today!

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