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    Hey you,
    I need support as soon as possible. Maybe you can help me:
    I read a lot about, how to fix headers and footers but nothing has worked so far. I’m using Doc2Help 2014.
    Can you explain, how I get the exactly same header (and footer) from my Word 2007 (or 2010) document in HTML??
    After studying lots of tutorials I managed to convert it in Manual but this is not what I’m searching for. I’m gonna use NetHelp 2.0.

    There’s one way to repeat special Information like logo, author, address at the top and the bottom of the side through XML Transformation in Help Targets. The problem is, nevertheless there’s the name of the file above (in case of a list structur). Also there’s no possibility to adapt the template (in Manual there is!).

    Furthermore special designs and positions of graphics have changed compared to the original Word document. How can I solve this Problem?

    I would be very thankful if you could help me.

    Gerne auch nochmal auf Deutsch (German):

    Kopf- und Fußzeile “verschwinden” beim Konvertieren in NetHelp 2.0, wobei ich wirklich alles probiert habe.
    Genauso verschieben sich Grafiken, Pfeile und Textfelder aus der Word-Datei.

    Kann mir irgendjemand helfen? Vielen Dank schon mal.




    you already found the right place to add headers and footers for html output, i.e. xml transformation. Actually I do not understand what you mean when writing
    “The problem is, nevertheless there’s the name of the file above (in case of a list structur). ”

    And in German…
    Ja, Kopf- und Fußzeilen verschwinden bei der Erzeugung von NetHelp. Sie gehören für DocToHelp nicht zum Inhalt.
    Das Verschieben von Grafiken, Pfeilen dagegen kann verhindert werden.

    Gern können Sie mich in Berlin anrufen, unter 030 4636097.

    Kind Regards /mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Sabine Kamprowski


    Hello again,

    in XML Transformation I have to use HTML Code (I’m less than a beginner). So there’s no easier opportunity to change the format of header and footer?
    In the file you can see my header (yellow marked) which is positioned UNDER the name of the specific Topic (“Vierter Oberpunkt”) and above the headline of the subtopic (“Hier müsste der…”). Am I able to fix it above all?

    What is more the style of the numeration (e.g. background colour) has changed and I told you about the graphics.

    Thank you very much, I will contact you.

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