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    I have a library in SharePoint where finished DocToHelp help is being published. The resulting library can be opened as expected from within Chrome and Firefox. However, IE10 users are frequently seeing the “loading” message without the background pages being loaded. The logo for the site, the title text, and the contents sections are all empty.

    The nethelp.xml contains 2014.2.0.943. The theme is a responsive, jQuerymobile type. We are using SharePoint 2010 for the library.

    When using IE10′s Developers Console, the error being displayed is SCRIPT70: Permission denied. It appears that the error is occurring within jQuery, in the “function Sizzle” section.

    The jQuery version is 1.10.2. Updating to 1.11.3 did not change the behavior.

    All users for the help files are external to us and we cannot control their browser settings. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. SCRIPT70-2_line_1822


    2. SCRIPT70-1_line_1188


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