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    I am currently using Doc-To-Help 2014 Build 935. I have generated a NetHelp target and locally everything looks great. However, after copying the NetHelp folder to our web server, when we try to load the help file sometimes the images will display as an X as if the image cannot be loaded. In some cases, I can select another topic and reload the previous topic where the image will load. Other times, I can right-click the image and select Show Picture to display the image on the screen. Still, sometimes when I try to “Show Picture” nothing happens. It is important to note that I inserted all images in to my doc-to-help projects and all images are stored in the Media folder.

    I am looking for any solutions to help fix this issue. Any help is appreciated.

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    reading your report I assume that your images are uploaded. To get sure of this you may open your topic’s html file in the target folder with a text editor (e.g Notepad) to get the folder name where the compiled images are stored, then check that this folder is uploaded, too.

    If you are sure that images are uploaded, it is a browser issue. Please try it with another browser, and tell us which browser have that problem and which work fine. Don’t forget the exact version information of your browsers!

    Sabine Kamprowski

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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