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    Nicky Bleiel

    This is the home for solutions to Word and other errors you get when you’re using Doc-To-Help.


    Brad Keller

    Unhandled Exception when trying to activate the software.

    This means that your .NET Framework install has become corrupted. The best way to solve this is to run the .NET Cleanup Tool.

    More information here:


    Brad Keller

    Unhandled Exception when trying to launch the software.

    This means that your Windows Temp folder is full and needs to be emptied. This should not be an issue with Doc-To-Help 2011 V1 and later releases.

    To clean out your Temp folder, follow these instructions:


    Brad Keller

    Word Has Stopped Working message when you’re building your Target.

    First, check to see what version of Word you have installed. If you have 64-bit Word 2010 SP 1, then it is an issue with that specific version. For the time being, roll back to the pre-SP 1 version of Word. We have fixed this issue in 2011 V2, which will be released on 8/30/11.

    If you do not have 64-bit Word 2010 SP 1 installed, check your Process in Task Manager and make sure that you do not have multiple instances of WINWORD.EXE running. If you do, there is probably an issue with your anti-virus software and that executable. Most likely, you have AVG installed.

    Go into your security settings and allow WINWORD.EXE to run.


    Brad Keller

    Doc-To-Help toolbar does not appear in Word.

    You need to attach either the C1H_NOMARGIN or C1H_NORM template to your document.

    See the attached animated GIF for steps on how to attach the template.

    1. AttachC1HNoMargin



    Brad Keller

    C1D2HAuthor or C1D2HEngine error. This error most commonly appears in the Build Log and will cause the build to Abort.

    You need to add the two templates to your STARTUP folder. That folder is located here:

    If the templates are there, then you will need to add them/attach them in Word. Follow the steps in the attached animated GIF (made using ComponentOne DemoWorks) to add/attach.

    1. AddC1D2HAuthorEngine




    Sometimes we receive an error as” The product is not licensed for the machine” after activating D2h and then trying to launch it

    It seems to me an issue with the user rights and permissions for the registry. that might be you don’t have access to the registry licenses key “No Read permissions to licenses key”

    To examine the user permissions, follow these steps:

    1) Log on to the problem computer as an Administrator.

    2) Click Start, click Run, type regedt32, and then click OK.

    3) Select the \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTLicenses key.

    4) On the Security menu, click Permissions.

    5) Make sure that the necessary users and groups have at least Read permissions to the key.

    6) Close Registry Editor and restart the computer.

    You need to either provide yourself Admin rights or to install the software under the specific user, which was an administrator, and not under the local administrator of the machine.


    Nicky Bleiel

    If you generate a Manual, and the numbering in continuous, here is how to fix it.

    1. On the Doc-To-Help Home tab, use the Select Target drop down to choose your Manual Target.

    2. Open the Help Targets dialog box (click the dialog box launcher on the Home tab, Target ribbon group.

    3. Go to the Fix Numbered Lists drop-down and choose Always. Click OK.

    4. Rebuild your Manual Target.



    If you get new hardware, with Windows 7 and Office 2010, and install DocToHelp on this machine, you might face a strange behaviour of Word:
    Every time you want to save a modified document that belongs to a help project you are requested by Word to save the template, even though nothing should be changed in the template, you only want to save the document’s changes. Changes in the document cann’t be saved without saving template, too.
    This is nothing DocToHelp specific, it also happens when you use any customized template that you might have. Maybe you try to ignore it when you don’t work with DocToHelp, since modifications in the documents can be saved.
    Actually, DocToHelp could still convert Word sources that are saved into any html-based target you specify, but you cannot create a manual.
    During manual generation Word has the same strange behaviour: sometimes it’s to be seen, if you manage to get Word’s dialog box on top of your desktop. Yet DocToHelp aborts even if you close Word’s dialog.
    The solution is to be found in Word’s Add-ins:
    It’s Send to Bluetooth, stored in btmofficea.dll
    Removing this add-in removes this strange behaviour of Word.

    Sabine Kamprowski


    Nidhi Gupta

    Fatal Error: Script Engine not initialized.

    This exception can be raised when trying to build NetHelp target. This may be caused because occasionally, system problems can erroneously unregister one of the essential Windows components: Windows Script Host.

    For resolving this issue, you need to re-register VBScript.dll. Refer to following link for the same.!documents/errors1720and2738.htm


    Nidhi Gupta

    Run-time error ‘-2147319779 (8002801d)

    This exception is raised when trying to add/sort Glossary Terms in Glossary document using “Add Glossary” and “Sort Glossary” toolbar buttons of D2H tab.

    This is a known issue with some of the Word 2010 Versions. This issue has been fixed in D2H Build 735 of 2012 V3.

    This build can be downloaded from the following link: D2H Build 735 .



    We have ugraded our operating system from XP to 64bit Windows 7. On the XP machines we were using Doc-To-Help 2007 and everything worked fine. Doc-To-Help 2007 doesn’t appear to work on x64 Windows 7 – any way to get it to work? I downloaded Doc-To-Help 2012 (DocToHelp2012-2-Build735) for evaluation but some of the critical targets don’t work. I allowed Doc-To-Help to automatically convert the 2007 project and the conversion appeared to work OK.

    - With the target set to Manual, the build gets stuck at 70% and hangs there forever. This is critical for our organization
    - Help 2.0 crashes with error “Could not execute Help Compiler HxComp.exe”
    - HTML Help appears to work! Great, HTML Help is one we need!
    - JavaHelp doesn’t work at all – required files missing
    - NetHelp works but we don’t need it
    - WinHelp crashes with “fatal Word error: Division by zero” when attempting to adjust left indents (after generating RTF…)

    Any suggestions?


    Brad Keller

    Doc-To-Help 2007 does not support Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), so you would need to work with 2012.

    For the errors with Help 2.0, JavaHelp, and WinHelp, there are support files that you need to download to build these outputs. If you do not need to use these outputs, then I wouldn’t worry about the fact that you can’t build them. The Manual build issue seems like the critical one.

    More information on the support files you need to build those outputs:

    Regarding the Manual target build issue, I have some questions:
    1. What version of Word do you have installed (including service pack and whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit)?
    2. Do you have the target set to build as a .doc (97-2003 format) or .docx (2007-2013 format)?
    3. Is the Generate PDF Target checkbox checked in the Help Targets dialog box?



    Thanks for the reply and answers. Okay, 2007 is out of the question. Yes, HTML and Manual are the critical ones. Some users want to use Help 2.0 so that would be a plus if I could get that to work. Here are the replies to your questions:

    1. Word version: 14.0.6129.5000 (32 bit)
    2. It was .doc – I changed it to .docx
    3. It wasn’t checked – I have now checked it (and it produces a .pdf)

    After those changes the Manual output completes with a warning that it failed to update page references. The layout is wrong though and tables muddled. I’m guessing this is to do with templates we had in the XP user profile for D2H 2007. I’m experimenting with the templates…


    Brad Keller

    Thank you for the responses.

    If you’re looking to create Help 2.0, check the Notes on Microsoft Help 2.0 section in the Doc-To-Help Outputs and Deliverables topic that I linked to in my previous post. That will let you know what you need to download/install/adjust in order to build Help 2.0. It is also very helpful to have Visual Studio 2005 installed on the computer that you’re trying to build Help 2.0 on.

    For the Manual, it sounds like you were able to build it, which is good news.

    For the formatting issues, I would recommend updating the default template for Doc-To-Help 2012 (C1H_PRNOMARGIN for most projects, but you may have an A4 template) with your cover sheet and styles.

    1. In Doc-To-Help, go to the home tab, choose the Manual target, and select Edit Template from the Target Template dropdown.
    2. Do a Save As for that template under a custom name (like TOHTORI_PRNOMARGIN.DOT).
    3. Make any necessary changes to the cover page, headers, and footers. More information on how to do that here:
    4. Use the Organizer in Word to copy your styles from your old template to the new template. I attached a document to this post called UsingTheOrganizer.docx that will show you how to do this.

    One other thing to keep in mind: Given your location, you might want to use one of our A4 templates instead of the default PRNOMARGIN template. We’ve found that Europeans like the A4 format, which is why we added the PRNOMARGIN_A4 template in 2011. If you want to use the A4 format, edit that template and save it under a custom name (ie

    Hope this helps!

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