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    Hi, as former Doc-To-Help Certified Trainer I’m glad to possibly return back to Doc-To-Help.

    I’m asking about supporting javascript options using canvas HTML tag in EPUB target. This requires outputting linked javascript files in HTML head part (if required) and both canvas and script elements inline in the output.

    Now I’m not (yet) using latest Doc-To-Help version – in previous it was possible to include custom HTML, conditionally tagged, to be used in HTML targets. An option to manually change HTML pages is of course always there yet it breaks single-source publishing paradigm.

    Looking forward to any practical experience. Scripting support in EPUB3 offers many opportunities for eBooks, including simple 2D animations and quizzes but also demonstrating 3D models (I’ve embedded well known Three.js javascript library with relatively small effort).




    with D2H 2014 you may try to add your link to javascript using an”XML transformation”.

    Kind regards,
    Sabine Kamprowski
    DocToHelp MVP since 2006



    Thank you, I will try that soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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